Car is under repair

Yes, I have… And yes, it is THE car… Small but my :). As we say here: “used but paid”. And broken. Actually spring. Yes, its name is spring. But I have to change almost half of my car due to this spring. And I have pay for it pretty lot of money. I need this car and I have to pay. It is life. Never know what and where.

So, I have delivered my car to service and hope to get it back soon. Hopefully it will be not too expensive.

Funny was, when I have arrived to the service and mechanic has said: it is 100% to us – so loud was my car 🙂

No chances for permanent residence permit this year

Today I have visited our migration office (MA35). There is no chances. I do not understand, but they count my “students” years 2 for 1. So 5 years is actually 2,5 years, if I want to change my residence permit to permit. It is crazy, I think.

I live in Austria REALLY almost 6 years (each day!!!), but MA35 think, that it is only 3,5 years. What is it? Funny, I am 40 y.o., not 38,5, do you hear me, lovely MA35?

The time stopped only for this office, not for life around. It is fantastic. But I have to take it easy and wait till “migration office”- 5 years. 1,5 year more. Ok. No problem, dear Bureaucratie!

Blog is installed and tuned

Hi guys! I have actually installed and tuned this blog. Naturally, I will tune it further, but I can start to write messages. It is funny, but it is something new for me to write blog in English. Let`s try it 🙂

Unfortunately I have very little time to write. At least till midle of next week, because I have to move into new flat and more another thing. But I will looking for 10-20 minutes to write something.

If you see mistakes in my posts, please, write comment about it. It is very important for me. Thank you, dudes annd have a nice day! 🙂

Hello World!

This is my new blog about myself. I have decided to write in English. So I will do a lot of grammatical mistakes… Sorry about it and you can correct my text, if you want 🙂
Let`s go!